Windows Gets an Always-on-Top Keyboard Shortcut, Thanks to PowerToys


The latest version of Microsoft PowerToys adds a feature that Windows fans around the world have eagerly anticipated—a keyboard shortcut designed to keep a window on top of other ones at all times.

In the release notes on GitHub for version 0.53.1, Microsoft said, “Welcome to the family! With a quick Win+Ctrl+T, the window in focus is toggled to be on top. Toggle again, and it reverts back to normal.”

This new method is much easier than fussing with third-party tools or using other workarounds. Now, you need to download the latest version of Microsoft PowerTools, and you’ll be able to choose any keyboard shortcut to keep a window on top.

One example of how this could be useful is watching a YouTube video, keeping it from going to the background when you click on something else. By entering your keyboard shortcut, the window will pin itself and stay in front of everything else.

Of course, this functionality comes along with everything else PowerToys can accomplish, so it’s definitely worth downloading the software and trying it out, even if you only take advantage of one or two of the things it can do to make using your Windows PC more enjoyable.

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