Windows 11 Is Randomly Making Tons of Empty Folders

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If you’re a fan of random temporary folders on your computer, there’s a returning Windows bug that has made its way to Windows 11. The bug causes empty folders to appear in the system directory, which is a weird bug that sometimes happened in Windows 10, too.

The Windows 11 bug was first spotted by Born City, and basically, it’s causing a Windows 11 computer to create lots of empty folders with names that start with “tw” and a .tmp extension.

Fortunately, the bug isn’t too detrimental, as the folders created are empty and do not take up any space on your hard drive. Still, it isn’t enjoyable to potentially have thousands of folders randomly created on your computer.

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If you’re curious whether your PC is getting these random folders, you can head to C:WindowsSystem32configsystemprofileAppDataLocal and see if there are folders starting with “tw” and ending with a .tmp extension.

Apparently, it’s an app called ProvTool.exe that is responsible for the folder-related bug. It serves as a provisioning package runtime processing tool that you can disable, but it’s not recommended since the folders it’s creating aren’t hurting anything. You can freely delete the folders without causing any harm, though they may come back.

The issue was reported in June 2021 on Windows 10, so it looks like it made its way to the new version of Windows. Hopefully, Microsoft will address the problem at some point. While it’s not an overly intrusive bug, it’s still something that the company should fix eventually.

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Originally posted 2022-11-08 14:49:46.

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