Windows 11 Adds a Great Feature From Linux’s KDE Desktop

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Whenever a new version of Windows is released, many minor features tend to fly under the radar. Windows 11 is no exception, as a nifty little feature from KDE has found its way to Microsoft’s OS, as you can now adjust the volume of your PC by just mousing over the volume icon.

Previously in Windows, you needed to click on the icon and then adjust the volume, but a Microsoft software engineer named Jen Gentleman pointed out a new feature on Reddit and Twitter that lets you mouse over the volume icon in the tray and scroll with your mouse wheel to adjust the volume. It’s a bit quicker than the old way.

Upon joyously tweeting the new feature, Gentleman received a rather humorous response from KDE Community. The tweet said, “Welcome in [sic] the club!”.

KDE Plasma Linux users have known and loved this feature for some time, so that’s where the joke comes from. However, jokes aside, it’s a handy feature and one we’re happy to see in Windows 11. Little quality of life changes like this can make a big difference in terms of usability, and it’s great to see Microsoft get with the times, even if the feature is a few years late.

Currently, this feature is only available to Windows 11 users in the Windows Insider Dev channel, so if you’re running the Beta channel or the stable version of Windows 11, it won’t work for you yet. Presumably, Microsoft plans to bring the feature to the release versions of Windows 11, but we’re not sure when that’ll happen.

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