Is Microsoft Working on Windows 12? Probably Not

Windows 12 logo rumors

There are a lot of rumors making the rounds that Microsoft is working on Windows 12. We’re not saying Microsoft isn’t working on Windows 12, but the current crop of rumors are hard to believe.

Two rumors started circulating. One, which came from SwiftOnSecurity on Twitter, was ultimately revealed as a joke about the TPM requirements and not an actual claim that Microsoft is working on Windows 12. However, the German-language site stands by the rumor, claiming that it has sources that say Windows 12 really is in the works.

Deskmodder says it has sources within Microsoft that have confirmed that the company is either about to start working on Windows 12 or is already building a new version of the operating system.

We can’t say that the website is wrong, as we don’t have a denial from anyone within Microsoft (and even if we did, we can’t imagine they’d admit to working in Windows 12 anyway), but with only one source actually reporting it and no others backing up the claim, a giant grain of salt is required here.

Could Microsoft be thinking about or even in the early stages of Windows 12 development? Sure. But since the company just released the first major Windows 11 update, it seems that there’s a lot more to be done with the current version of the OS before it moves on to the next one.

At this point, we don’t think there’s any reason to start prepping your PC for a Window 12 release for some time, so if you’ve just installed Windows 11, you can rest easy.

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Originally posted 2022-11-11 19:54:17.

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