How to See When Windows 10 Last Installed a Major Update

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Every six months, Microsoft releases a new major Windows 10 update every six months, but Windows doesn’t install them immediately. If you’re not sure when you last updated, there are a few ways to check the most recent major update installation date.

How to Check the Major Update Install Date in Settings

First, open your “Start” menu and click the gear icon to open “Settings.” You can also press Windows+i on your keyboard.

In the “Settings” window, click “System.”

On the “System” pane, scroll down to the bottom of the list and select “About” in the sidebar.

On the “About” page, scroll down to the “Windows specifications” section. You’ll find the latest Windows major version install date to the right of the “Installed on” heading.

In Windows Settings, you'll find the latest major update install date under

Tip: The “Installed on” date seen here only applies to major Windows updates that come along twice a year. The installation date of smaller, incremental updates will not be listed here. You can head to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > View Update History to see a list of the most recent small updates Windows has installed.

To see if you’re running the latest major version of Windows 10, look at the version name, which is listed just above the “Installed on” date. Compare it to the latest version of Windows 10 and see if it matches.

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If you need to report this information to someone else, Windows provides a handy way to quickly copy your system specifications (which includes the “Installed on” date) to the Clipboard. To do so, click the “Copy” button just below the “Windows specifications” list, and you can paste it later into a document, an email, or a message.

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After that, close “Settings,” and you’re done.

How to Check the Major Update Install Date from the Command Prompt

You can also quickly check the latest Windows update install date from the Windows Command Prompt. First, open a prompt by clicking the “Start” menu and typing “command,” then click the “Command Prompt” icon.

When the “Command Prompt” opens, type (or copy and paste) the following command and press “Enter”:

systeminfo | find "Original Install Date"

Type the

You’ll see the latest major version install date (even the install time—down to the second) listed just after “Original Install Date” in the results that appear. When you’re done, close the “Command Prompt” window.

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