How to Reset the Windows Terminal to Default Settings

Windows Terminal lets you customize many different options. If you do that and you don’t like the results, you can reset Windows Terminal to its default settings. This is done by using the app’s settings file, and here, we’ll show you exactly how to do it.

Why Reset the Windows Terminal?

Whether you’re experiencing strange problems as a result of heavy customizations or you just want the default settings back, resetting Windows Terminal will help.

Of course, if you’ve customized Windows Terminal to your liking, don’t reset it! You’ll lose all your customizations.

How to Reset Windows Terminal to the Factory Settings

Unlike many other apps, Windows Terminal doesn’t have a graphical option to reset its settings. You must manually clear the settings file to reset the app.

To begin, open the “Start” menu, search for “Windows Terminal,” and click the app in the search results.

Launch Windows Terminal

On the Windows Terminal window, click the down-arrow icon and select “Settings.”

Access settings in Windows Terminal

When Windows Terminal asks how you want to open the settings file, select “Notepad” from the list and click “OK.”

Access Windows Terminal settings using Notepad

When the settings file opens, press Ctrl+A on your keyboard to select everything in it. Now, press Backspace to remove everything from the file.

Warning: If you have custom settings that you want to keep, make sure that you copy them from the settings file to a new Notepad document before erasing them. You can then restore your settings easily later.

Reset Windows Terminal

Your settings file is now empty. Click File > Save in Notepad to save this empty file.

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Save Windows Terminal settings file

Exit Windows Terminal and reopen it. The app will notice that your settings file is empty and will automatically create the settings file with the default values.

If you want, you can begin customizing Windows Terminal again by editing this file. If you make a mistake or aren’t happy with your changes, you can always reset its settings again in the future.

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Originally posted 2022-11-13 03:17:47.

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