How to Make File Explorer Open to “This PC” Instead of “Quick Access”

By default, when you click on the File Explorer shortcut on your Windows 10 taskbar, it opens to Quick Access. If you’d prefer it to open to “This PC” instead, it’s easy to change in File Explorer settings. Here’s how.

First, open any File Explorer window. In the menu, click File > Change folder and search options.

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In “Folder Options,” click the “General” tab, then click the menu beside “Open File Explorer to.”

In the menu that appears, select “This PC.”

This is the modern replacement for “My Computer” on Windows, and it shows internal disks, external storage devices, network locations, and frequently used folders like your Downloads, Desktop, and Documents directories.


Click OK, and “Folder Options” will close. The next time you open File Explorer, you’ll see “This PC” as the first location that opens.

If you dislike Windows 10’s Quick Access feature, there are several other ways to disable Quick Access features as well. Good luck!

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Originally posted 2022-11-09 23:02:06.

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