How to Launch Windows Terminal at Startup on Windows 11

If you’d like to jump straight into the command line via PowerShell, the Command Prompt, or even a Linux shell, you can easily make Windows Terminal launch at startup on Windows 11 (and Windows 10). Here’s how to do it.

First, if you’re running Windows 10 and you don’t already have Windows Terminal installed, it’s available for free in the Microsoft Store. Just click “Get,” then “Install” on the Windows Terminal store page, and it will install in a few moments.

Next, launch Windows Terminal. In Windows 10 or 11, search “terminal” in the Start menu and select the Windows Terminal app icon in the results. If you’re on Windows 11, you can also right-click the Start button and select “Windows Terminal” in the menu that appears.

When Windows Terminal opens, click the downward-facing arrow beside the plus (“+”) in the tab bar. In the menu that pops up, choose “Settings.”

In the Settings tab, choose “Startup” in the sidebar. On the Startup settings page, flip the switch beside “Launch on machine startup” until it turns “On.”

After that, close the Settings tab. The next time you restart your PC and log in, Windows Terminal will launch after a few moments to your default command line of choice. Happy hacking!

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