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The Smile, love and be kind team!

6th Jan 2018

A huge huge thank you to each and everyone of you who has set up a justgiving page to raise money in memory of our beautiful Emmy Coates! You are all superstars!!! I know many of you are doing the Marsden March which is bloomin brilliant! - we will have such fun on the day! But to all of you - whatever it is you’re doing - I want to say a huge thank you!!! ...
Just to mention that if you would like to link your fundraising to Emmy (thus making sure every penny possible goes to her Emmy Coates thyroid research fund!) make sure you visit https://www.justgiving.com/companyteams/smileloveandbekind and click on the little green button ‘join the team’ so that we can see all of the members and watch the total go up as a whole! Big love to you all! Love Molly and me x #smileloveandbekind x

Beanie time!

28th Dec 2017

Mollivers and company director Molly the labradoodle (centre????) is proud to bring you the latest product in the Mollivers ‘smile,love and be kind’ range. The SL&BK beanies!!! They are limited edition, great quality and well priced and as with all the other products at Mollivers, 10% of the sale price will be donated to ‘The Emmy Coates Thyroid Research Fund’ helping to support the amazing and pioneering work done at The incredible Royal Marsden Hospital. Please visit www.mollivers.com to purchase yours today! #smileloveandbekind #mollivers #beanies #theroyalmarsden #royalmarsdencancercharity #emmycoatesfund

Merry Christmas!

25th Dec 2017

Best Christmas present ever... This was sent to me by the magical Tara Hurley (Em’s specialist nurse) for my Christmas present, confirming the news that ‘The Emmy Coates Fund’ has been set up. Please take a moment to read Tara’s loving tribute to Emmy. Proudest moment yet. Merry Christmas everyone! X #smileloveandbekind

Poetrylad does Christmas!

22nd Dec 2017

Must watch! (https://youtu.be/cdSoXJJmqzk or search @thepoetrylad and click on his YouTube channel to watch the full 4 minute version...)

So I have the distinct pleasure of being able to call this wonderful man Simon aka ‘The poetry lad’, a friend of mine. This video might seem a bit random but to me, this is the only thing you’ll need to watch to get you in the Christmassy spirit! ... along with maybe The Muppets Christmas Carol!... and Die Hard! ???? What a talent! ... but more than that... what a bloomin nice bloke!

He’s also introduced me to the ‘reserve a place at Crisis at Christmas’ project that is being run over the festive period to help homeless people up and down the country get much more than just a warm Christmas meal. Why not donate ‘a place’ as a Christmas present to a loved one this year - that donation (only £26!!!) will help make a real difference to someone’s life and will make a much better present for that ‘hard to buy for’ relative than just another pair of socks!!


...Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy! X
#smileloveandbekind #thepoetrylad #talentedlad #christmasspirit

Christmas with The Woodalls!

21st Dec 2017

Yesterday I had the great honour of being invited to the children’s unit at The Royal Marsden to do some readings of Tara and Tyrone and to donate some of the books to each of the kids on the unit. If you’re having a rubbish day - be sure to take a moment to think about the poor little pickles and their families who have to spend Christmas in hospital being poked and prodded with needles and drains and having to deal with chemo and other therapies. The play specialists and nurses are genuinely miracle workers and they each deserve awards for all of the hard work they do to keep the place so positive at this time of year that can be so emotional and difficult for so many. Big up to all of the staff at The Royal Marsden! You’re all amazing!

After leaving the Royal Marsden I paid a very quick visit to these two lovely lads! George and Alex and their lovely parents have become amazing friends through the most unfortunate of circumstances. George, like Emmy has been being treated at The Royal Marsden and he like Emmy is an absolute warrior! His family are the kindest, most humble and most beautiful bunch you’ll ever meet and they are flying toward their fundraising target of £1000000 through ‘George and the Giant Pledge’. Knowing that Emmy wouldn’t be here this Christmas, and worried that I would have no one around to spoil me - they took it upon themselves to make up a whole sack of presents for Molly and I! Each gift was so thoughtful and generous. They have so much on and the fact that they found time and had the thought to do this just blew me away and got me a little bit emotional indeed. ????So proud to know them. Everyone should support them. It broke my heart then to see George spike a temperature which required him to return to the RM late last night for yet another stay at this, the most unfair time of year!! I have EVERYTHING CROSSED that you’ll be home soon big guy and wishing you all the most wonderful Christmas together! Please search ‘george and the giant pledge’ to see how to support them! Here’s to a happy and healthy 2018! All my love Guys! Xx

#georgeandthegiantpledge #smileloveandbekind #christmasgifts #theroyalmarsdencancercharity
#theroyalmarsden #ejtandemonium #mollivers

Woman magazine

18th Dec 2017

A massive thank you to Karen Jones for writing this latest Christmas article in Woman Magazine. Make sure you buy yours!! ???? (or turn to page 47 and read whilst you’re walking through the supermarket doing you Christmas shop!) Weird seeing our faces in a glossy mag - it’s these times that makes it feel like she’s still here. X #smileloveandbekind

George - you got this!

14th Dec 2017

I couldn’t not share this...



Just a little over a year ago this little guy was found to have a very nasty tumour right in the middle of his tummy next to his spine. Yesterday he ‘finished’ his final chemotherapy and was able to ring the bell that signals the end of his treatment! I can’t imagine what an emotional day it must have been for his beautiful family who have been by his side every second of every day. To say they are an inspirational gang is the understatement of the year! I have loved and will continue to love following their story as they attempt to raise an amazing £1000000 for The Royal Marsden!

Everyone has everything crossed that the treatment works and he stays well and I know I can speak on behalf of everyone that knows The incredible ‘George And The Giant Pledge’ story (and all of those that don’t!) in wishing George, Vicki, Alex and Woody and the whole of their extended family and friends the most wonderful Christmas full of gorgeous family, food and LOADS OF TOYS!!!????


To donate to their wonderful cause please click on the links in their post!

Snow Mo!

11th Dec 2017

Something to cheer you all up if you have the Monday blues!! Em always loved a good snowman!!! Introducing SNOW MO!!

#smileloveandbekind X

'Thank yous'

9th Dec 2017

Happy Saturday everyone!! I hope you're all getting well and truly into the Christmassy spirit!!! Those mince pies won't eat themselves!!! ;)

***First thing is first!! Mollivers has reduced the price of some of it's items just in time for Christmas! Mens and kids hoodies as well as baby-grows have been dropped - you have another week if you want to get your gifts in time for Christmas so order SOOOOON!!!***

But to the main topic of this post...

I hope you don't mind but I just want to take this opportunity to say the biggest thank you to some very special people who continue to help and support The Royal Marsden and 'The Emmy Coates Fund'!

I want to say a huge thank you to Duncan and Annette Cooper who own a beautiful book store in Hereford called 'The Children's bookshelf' who are now stocking all of the Tara and Tyrone books and also all of the guys at Sasha Interiors, The Tandem Bakery and The Mocha Bar (all also in Hereford) who also continue to stock the books completely free of charge.
To the incredible Becky Rowe who is continuing to work her socks off every night into the wee hours to get the jewellery finished! She has been a huge part of this fundraising push and I'm so proud of what she has done and continues to do.

I want to thank Charlotte Graveney and everyone who worked their socks off today at Clifton Prep School in Bristol in their charity Christmas fair raising loads of money for the Royal Marsden.

To the gorgeous Beth Melling and all of the Choral Diversity singers who are going to sing their hearts out at the shire hall in Hereford tomorrow! Thank you!!! ... Last year they raised a huge amount and they were the ones that took us over the £100000 mark! This year they are again fundraising for the Royal Marsden and I know they are going to raise a phenomenal amount again as well as put on the most wonderful Christmas performance and get everyone in the festive mood!!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to all of those gorgeous souls who have signed up to The Marsden March for 2018 to raise money! You're all superstars and i can't wait to be there walking with you all! If you want to sign up please visit click on the link at the bottom of the post and sign up to the 'smile, love and be kind' team (team organiser is Kirstin in case there is any confusion!)!

To all of you who continue to donate to the fund directly, or who continue to partake in and organise events to raise money in loving memory of Emmy - I love you all and I am so so grateful. Please feel free to join our 'smile, love and be kind' team and make sure our funds all go to the right place - https://www.justgiving.com/teams/smileloveandbekind
I want to say one last massive thank you to all of you who have taken the time to visit www.mollivers.com and buy some goodies!! I have been blown away by the positive feedback we have received. We have already sold out of one or two items (including the tricky-blend grey t-shirt in medium) - they will be restocked soon but probably not in time for Christmas - SORRY!! But we will get them very soon in the New Year if not before.

There will be new products being launched regularly so keep an eye on the website if you can! NEXT UP ARE CHARITY BRACELETS AND A WHOLE RANGE OF COOL BEANIES!!! I love a good beanie and i can say they are all bloomin GREAT!!!


Wedding video

7th Dec 2017

A year ago today Emmy and I received our wedding highlights video (made by the incredibly talented MrsMashup - Aymie) and today is the first time I’ve been able to watch it since my gorgeous Em passed away. ????Emmy loved this film, as do I, and I’m so grateful that I have this video that Aymie made so perfectly.

Life is full of ups and downs and you never know what might happen one day to the next. The way Emmy lived and the bravery she showed inspires me every day and when I’m feeling low I think about her and she reminds me to stay positive even when it feels like your whole world is falling apart.

Thank you everyone for continuing to donate your time and money in Emmy’s memory and for buying from www.mollivers.com too and in doing so raising even more money for The Royal Marsden! I’m hoping everyone is truly happy with the quality and feel of their purchases! Please do let me know if you aren’t by emailing me at jake@mollivers.com and we will do our best to fix it! If you want to get a gift for Christmas make sure you order before the 15th of December so I can get them all dispatched and delivered to Santa in time to get packed on to his sleigh!????

#bestweddingever #bestdayever #mostbeautifulbride #proudesthusband #smileloveandbekind #mollivers

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