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The Smile, love and be kind range

6th Nov 2017

The ‘smile love and be kind’ range is almost ready!!!

www.mollivers.com to go live tomorrow!!! Eeeek! Hope it works!!!! Please bear with me on any bits that aren’t quite finished yet! It’ll be constantly evolving and will undoubtedly have a few teething issues!

Also... if you can bear with me on deliveries! There will be up to a 7-14 day delivery time (particularly early on as I am doing the fulfilment and am a little stretched and Molly says she is getting her fur blow dried ‘that day’ so is too busy to help????) but it will get much quicker than that in a few weeks!!

Peace and love! Xx


Daily Mirror online Surrogacy article...

4th Nov 2017

Thank you Lucy for writing such a lovely article about Emmy and our story. You have been so incredibly kind and thoughtful in what you have written.

And I am so grateful to you for how you’ve handled it and for being so wonderful to me over he last few weeks. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to have written it. You have written so beautifully about my gorgeous girl.

Emmy was just too perfect for words - so beautiful inside and out, so kind and generous, thoughtful and caring and words fail me for how much I miss her. She would have been just the best Mum and I cant describe how desperately sad I am that she never got the chance to be the mummy she so wanted to be. But she’ll always be in my heart and any child we are lucky enough to have will know every little thing about her.

Liz, our surrogate, has been an angel from the beginning and Emmy and I will forever be so grateful to her for all that she has already done for us and continues to do for us now.

Being a single dad will be difficult at times I know, but to have a little piece of her in a little Coates baby will mean everything to me.

Thank you Lucy for telling our story so well and for continuing to share Emmy’s legacy to “Smile, love and be kind.” Xx

#smileloveandbekind #mollivers #ejtandemonium


Training with Mo!

3rd Nov 2017

Post run selfie!

My own personal Rocky - my trainer Furry Mo (as opposed to Mo Farah!) has me on a strict training schedule now. She comes from the ‘nobody cares, train harder’ school of philosophy and thinks I’ve been getting a bit big for my own boots with all this POB malarkey and a bit soft around the edges for her liking!

Big announcement next week about what we’re training for and what will hopefully continue the fundraising!???? ...watch this space!

#smileloveandbekind #PTmolly

New website and online shop coming soon!!

2nd Nov 2017

Coming soon!!!!

Molly is very excited (as you can clearly tell!) that the website for her business @mollivers, is launching imminently!! (I really promise it is!!! - just waiting on some final deliveries!! I’m so sorry for the delay!) she’s working incredibly hard (again... as you can tell!) on it and is very grateful for your patience!!! (She says she only has four paws!) But soon you’ll be able to visit and buy, along with other things, the jewellery and latest Tara and Tyrone book - Lost At Sea!

#mollivers #smileloveandbekind #taraandtyrone #ejtandemonium

No.10, Prime minister May, MODazzle and Mollivers.

1st Nov 2017

Yesterday after all the excitement of Pride of Britain and my slightly hungover trip to number 10 Downing Street, I had he absolute honour of being invited to attend the most incredible children’s party ever!!!

The wonderful @dazzleandfizz owner Charlotte invited me to the incredible @mo_hydepark to hand out our Tara and Tyrone children’s books to all of the children!

Dazzle and Fizz provide the most amazing bespoke children’s parties and they even have a shop @dazzlefizzshop where you can buy some of their fantastic gifts and party bits! You will love it! She is such an amazing lady with more energy and enthusiasm than anyone I’ve almost ever met!

I’m so happy that the kiddies were able to take away copies of the Tara and Tyrone books to read at home or at school or share with their friends and hopefully continue to spread the wonderful message of @emmycoates_16.

Emmy you would have loved every second.

What a party what a venue! And what a way to finish an insane 48 hours!

#smileloveandbekind #mollivers #ejtandemonium #taraandtyrone

Party styling and entertainment by @dazzleandfizz
Venue, catering and service by @MO_hydepark
Photography by #GregHammond
Full List of Contributors:
Party styling and entertainment by @dazzleandfizz
Venue, catering and service by @MO_hydepark
Set and production: Boo Productions
Curious tree and moon: Vowed and Amazed
Cake: Odiham Cake Company
Floristry concept, design and display: Early Hours Ltd
Couture Balloons: Bubblegum Balloons
Balloon arch: Balloon inspirations
Face painting: London Face Paint
Make up and hair: ABK
Balloons: Miss Ballooniverse
Photography: Greg Hammond
Videography: Sam Watkins
Music: DJ Deed
Printing: Best Digital
PR: Neat PR
Party bags: Dazzle and Fizz
Tara and Tyrone book trilogy: Jake Coates @Mollivers
The Great Cat Nap book: Jonathan Joly
Baby Oil: Natura Siberica
Teethers: Matchstick Monkey
Biscuits: Biscuiteers
Key rings: Peanut
Dairy free organic milks: Rebel Kitchen

Meeting Dame Joan and Amanda Holden!!!

31st Oct 2017

Thank you everyone. This is all for Emmy. I hope she can see the impact that she is having! Xx



POB awards!!!

31st Oct 2017

It was the most unbelievable night of my life! And such an honour to have the beautiful Sophie there with me! We both wish Emmy could have been there with us too. She would have loved every second!!! Thank you again to everyone for all your wonderful comments! I feel so completely overwhelmed by the love and kindness that I’m receiving from everyone. So so much love back to you all!!!

#smileloveandbekind #prideofbritain

Pride of Britain Fundraisers of the year!!! Woohoo!!!!

31st Oct 2017

Oh my god!!! I don’t even know where to start!!! Thank you everyone for your incredibly kind and generous comments. I feel truly undeserving of all of this and it feels very surreal indeed. It is the biggest honour of my life to accept this award on behalf of Emmy who was just simply one of a kind.

The number of people that she has inspired and the number of hearts that she has touched continues to grow far beyond anything that we had ever imagined. I’ve always known how special she is and I’m so grateful that the world is seeing that now. I just wish she was here to see the impact that she is having herself.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way and who continue to help me everyday. I will always always (until I am old and grey!) try to do everything I can to help the Royal Marsden in anyway I can. In memory of Emmy and in her honour too. What they have done for us and continue to do for so so many others is beyond incredible and, along with Emmy, they are the true pride of Britain.

I love you all.

#smileloveandbekind #theroyalmarsden #ejtandemonium #mollivers #prideofbritain

Jess Ennis

28th Oct 2017

Before Emmy passed away we sent the incredibly inspirational Jessica Ennis Hill two ‘Tara and Tyrone’ books with messages in for her son Reggie. In return she signed this beautiful signed copy of her own book for Emmy which I’ve just received now. To be an inspiration to Jess says all you need to know about Emmy.

Thank you @jessicaennishill - this means the world. Emmy would have been completely gobsmacked!!!

#smileloveandbekind #roadtorio #jessicaennishill #taraandtyrone #mollivers

The Emmy effect - ITV news short film link

24th Oct 2017

Thank you ITV news London for handling this so sensitively and being so kind to me and Emmy’s family throughout the whole process. It breaks my heart every single day that she isn’t here with me to see the ‘Emmy effect’ that she is having on the world! I love you and miss you more than ever baby girl. Xxx ???????????? #smileloveandbekind #emmyeffect #bemorelikeemmy

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