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Jess Ennis

28th Oct 2017

Before Emmy passed away we sent the incredibly inspirational Jessica Ennis Hill two ‘Tara and Tyrone’ books with messages in for her son Reggie. In return she signed this beautiful signed copy of her own book for Emmy which I’ve just received now. To be an inspiration to Jess says all you need to know about Emmy.

Thank you @jessicaennishill - this means the world. Emmy would have been completely gobsmacked!!!

#smileloveandbekind #roadtorio #jessicaennishill #taraandtyrone #mollivers

The Emmy effect - ITV news short film link

24th Oct 2017

Thank you ITV news London for handling this so sensitively and being so kind to me and Emmy’s family throughout the whole process. It breaks my heart every single day that she isn’t here with me to see the ‘Emmy effect’ that she is having on the world! I love you and miss you more than ever baby girl. Xxx ???????????? #smileloveandbekind #emmyeffect #bemorelikeemmy


The amazing Ed Williamson

23rd Oct 2017

So I just received this wonderful piece of art (as a gift) from a friend of a friend - the incredibly talented Ed Williamson @williamsonartofficial . He was so inspired by Emmy that he wanted to make this. It’s about 6 feet high by 5 feet wide!! Can’t wait to move into my own place and find the perfect wall for it! I’d auction it off to raise more funds if I didn’t love it so much! Thank you Ed - you’re a hero!! #smileloveandbekind

Book 3 back from the printers!

23rd Oct 2017

Happy Monday everyone!!

Look what’s arrived!!!

Written by Emmy and completed and illustrated by me... Book 3 in stock and ready to go as soon as the new website it up and running (aiming for October 31st!). It is £6.99 and 10% of the profits go to The Royal Marsden Charity as always. It will ONLY be on sale on the website to start with but after about a fortnight it will join the other two books on amazon and Etsy too! The bracelets and clothing will be arriving by the end of the week and will also be on he new website when it launches. Because the bracelets are being handmade they will arrive in batches. So if they aren’t available or are ‘out of stock’ when you look on the website - please don’t worry - there will be more arriving every week and with plenty of time for Christmas! Have a great week everyone and Look out for the next update!

There is also a new Mollivers insta page @mollivers.

Feel free to follow if you like! Big hugs!! Xx

#smileloveandbekind #mollivers #taraandtyrone #ejtandemonium xxx

London Pride of Britain London Regional Fundraisers of the year!!

21st Oct 2017

Thank you everyone for all your kind messages of support and congratulations. This is for you @emmycoates_16. I wish you were here to collect this yourself. I know you would be all self-deprecating and say you didn’t deserve this but I know, as so many others do, that no one deserves this award more than you. I hope that you are looking down and are able to see just what effect you have had on the lives of so many and how special you really are. You continue to inspire thousands of people each and every day but no one more so than me. I’m so proud of you baby girl. We all are. Ps. It makes me chuckle when I think how gorgeously sweet and nervous you would have been waiting to go live on the news today and how uncool you would have played it in front of all the reporters in the news room!! ???????? I love you. #smileloveandbekind X

Our mini Emmy documentary... by the amazing Jonathan Nicol.

18th Oct 2017


...Emmy managed to inspire so so many people throughout her life. One very special person was one of her old university friends, Mr Jon Nicol. Like so many, he had read Emmy’s story on the ejtandemonium Facebook page back in April 2016 and was so impressed by her incredible attitude in the face of such adversity, that he got in touch and offered to make a film about her. As an independent film maker and owner of his own independent film company ‘Other Finger Films’ he wanted to help us raise awareness for our fundraising and Emmy’s story. As a passion project and the hero that he is, he also wanted to do it completely free of charge.

During the last 12 months that Emmy was alive Jon drove 4 hours each way from Brighton to Wiltshire (not once but twice!) to film us at home, came to see us at the Royal Marsden and also invited us down to his studio in Brighton. The last occasion was really tough; it was filmed in May and Emmy wasn’t well at all. We were so busy but needless to say Emmy didn’t think for a second before agreeing to do the drive both ways. She knew how important it would be for her family to see this film finished...

Jon was a star from the get-go. He was one of the warmest, kindest and most gentle and giving blokes either of us had ever been lucky enough to meet and he instantly became a very dear friend to us both. He made us feel so comfortable and we just wanted to hang out with him all the time! He’s an incredibly talented bloke and one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Despite dealing with a very sudden severe and very serious health issue in the interim Jon finished the film just before Emmy passed away.

Sadly, due to Emmy being so unwell, she never got to see it... but I know she was incredibly proud of it as a project and it was so important to her as it was to me.
When she died, Jon and I got together and filmed some final shots. He flew out all the way to Alderney on his own time just to finish it. It was tougher than I thought it would be, but Jon was such a legend and together we got the last bits done.

I’m incredibly proud of what he has made. I have watched this film over and over during the last few weeks and it has been such a help to me to be able to see her face and hear her talking so candidly about love, life and loss. So for that alone I will never be able to thank Jon enough for what he has given me. However, I honestly believe that it will also help many others by continuing to spread her message and inspire more people than she could have ever imagined.
Jon Nicol I salute you. And I love you brother. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this gift for her family, her friends, all her followers ...and of course for me.

Hope you enjoy it guys!

Check out all of Jon’s wonderful work at www.otherfingerfilms.co.uk or search Vimeo for ‘otherfingerfilms’.

#smileloveandbekind #bemorelikeemmy

Nomination for Pride of Britain Fundraiser award

16th Oct 2017

Wow that was weird seeing our faces on the ITV News at 6! Feeling completely honoured and blown away that Emmy and I have been nominated for ITV news London 'Pride of Britain' fundraiser of the year. Find out at the end of the week whether we have won! Fingers crossed!! We've got this emmy coates - just want to do you proud baby girl. ?????????????????? #smileloveandbekind #ejtandemonium #mollivers #itvnews #itvnewsawards #prideofbritain

Dedication page

12th Oct 2017

With the dedication pages in the first and second book being to our beautiful niece and our perfect little bridesmaids respectively, it felt only right that it should be a little different in the third book. Of course it is in loving memory of Emmy as it could only ever have been but I felt that if she could have chosen the dedication, it would have been to all of the wonderful children at the primary school where she taught. Emmy was such an incredible teacher. She was so passionate about it, so hard working and so good at it too. She was universally adored by all children that she came into contact with and none more so than those of the classes that she taught. They loved her. I know she will inspire them for many years to come as she continues to inspire me and all her friends and family everyday. Love you angel. X #smileloveandbekind

Lost At Sea

11th Oct 2017

Hey guys!!!

For those of you who don't know, as part of the fundraising for The amazing Royal Marsden Hospital, Emmy and I wrote and illustrated children's books about the characters Tara and Tyrone which were based on the Tandem and trailer we cycled across Europe in June 2016.

Together we produced two books; Stuck In The Mud (in December 2016) and Pedro The Pump (in April 2017) and we were blown away by the positive reaction that they received. It meant the world to us that children far and wide seemed to enjoy the stories and the pictures and it meant everything to Emmy that she could continue inspiring children in-spite of having to give up her dream job as a primary school teacher which she was so amazing at and which she loved so much.

Before my beautiful girl passed away she somehow, (exhausted, running-on-empty and against all odds), managed to write most of a third book which she had named 'Lost At Sea'. (I'm still so blown away and so so proud of everything she managed to do when she felt the way she did. She is and always will be my hero!)
When Emmy passed away in June, I felt utterly lost, but knowing that there was this project that remained unfinished, I decided to escape away on my own for 8 weeks and concentrate my efforts into completing this third instalment. It was a challenge to say the least. Completing the writing was next to impossible and not being able to ask her opinion on anything was more difficult than I ever imagined. But on the 24th of September I finally got it to the printers. They've had a rush of pre-Christmas orders and so have been a bit slow, but, at the end of this month (October), I am excited to say I will be launching the website and online shop (that Emmy and I designed before she passed away) and with it the third book.

The first two books have been sold and will remain available on Etsy and Amazon (just search Tara and Tyrone) and they will also be available to buy on the new website when it launches. The third book 'Lost At Sea' will be launched on the website ONLY to begin with but will be available to buy on Amazon and Etsy in due course. (I will make sure that everyone gets plenty of warning of when the website will go live!)

Thank you everyone so so much for your continued support and all of your positive feedback and comments about the books. I am so happy to say that I will be continuing to write and illustrate children's books in the future with other stories planned for The T&T intrepid duo and new stories based on new characters too! And as we always have done I will FOREVER (until I take my last breath!) continue to donate 10% of the profits to The Royal Marsden.

The Royal Marsden became a second home to Emmy and I and I will always be indebted to what they did for us, and what they continue to do for me. They are just wonderful.

Happy humpday peeps!!
So much love from Molly and Me
xxxX Smile, love and be kind! Xxxx

Emmy memorial day

8th Oct 2017

What an amazing day!

Thank you so so much to Jo Swallow, Clare Bell and Sian Kensell for organising a wonderful tennis tournament in loving memory of our beautiful girl Emmy.

Everyone made such a huge effort to come from all over the country to play and you all made it such a brilliant day. The tennis was amazing!

All of the Coles and Collett's were in attendance and they were completely blown away by how wonderful everyone was. It was such a perfect way to remember our girl.

Not only was the tennis spectacular but there was an amazing array of cakes on sale and as a group we managed to raise £267 for the Marsden. ??

Thank you so much to everyone who made today possible . It meant the world to us and it was so wonderful to meet you all.

True friends for life xxx

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