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New Mollivers key ring

1st Dec 2017

Hi all!!

Introducing the latest product in the Molliver's jewellery range - Our 'smile, love and be kind' key ring.

Designed by the amazingly gifted Becky Rowe (www.beckyrowejewellery.com) using the original artwork by the fantastically talented Luke McDonnell - this piece is cast out of pewter which means that it is hard wearing and not so precious that you mind it bouncing around with your keys.

At £27.50 (plus VAT) it will make a lovely little present for that person who is always impossible to buy for (or a great little treat for yourself for just being brilliant! ???? ...)
Hope you like it!!! Get yours at www.mollivers.com and, like all the products on the site, 10% will be donated to ‘The Emmy Coates Fund’ supporting The Royal Marsden Hospital!

#smileloveandbekind #mollivers #beckyrowejewellery #lukemcdonnellart

Lighting up the sky

29th Nov 2017

How cool is this!!!

Thank you Julie Tan for organising this!!! Tonight on Southbank NPower sponsored the Light Sky in support of Macmillan raising yet more vital money in the fight against cancer!! Absolutely Wonderful!

#smileloveandbekind #mollivers #npower #macmillan #macmillancancersupport #lightsky @noholdenback @mollivers @sophiecollett

'The Emmy Coates Fund'

28th Nov 2017

Hello everyone!!! HAPPY GIVING TUESDAY!!!

In less than four weeks (3 weeks and 6 days to be precise) it will be Christmas day!!!!! I hope you all have your advent calendars on standby and that in true Emmy style, they are all half eaten already!!! Perhaps just as importantly, today is ‘Giving Tuesday’ - a day to go and do good stuff for charity!!! But i’ll get to that later!!!

It has been a little while since i have written a proper blog so apologies for that but i just wanted to update you all on a few little bits and pieces - sorry for the list, but it’s a little easier and if you get bored you can skip! ???? …

1. First off, a few admin things - you might have noticed that i have changed the name of the Facebook page to ‘The Emmy “smile, love & be kind” page’ (formally EJTandemonium). This is because i felt that although our EJTandemonium adventure was truly epic, the fundraising and blog have now moved on a little and I felt that it was right that the page represent something far greater than just a bike ride and rather celebrate the legacy of everything that was our beautiful girl Emmy Coates.

2. I have also changed the Justgiving page in the same way so that the background story represents our story in its entirety rather than just the bike ride on its own.

3. You may notice the name of the Justgiving page ‘The Emmy “ smile love & be kind” fund’. This is something really special: A few weeks ago when i was visiting The Royal Marsden I met with the amazing Tara Hurley (Emmy’s nurse) and she informed me of some rather wonderful news… The head and neck unit (that looked after Emmy) have renamed the fund associated with their unit ‘The Emmy Coates Fund’. This means that even in 100 years, if money is needed for research or medications for a patient under their care it will come from ‘The Emmy Coates Fund’! How incredible is that?! What a way of remembering and celebrating Emmy. Such is the effect that she has had on the whole Hospital!! And so i felt it was perfect that any ongoing fundraising done in her memory would go to a just giving fund of the same name!!

4. In addition to this change I have also set up (albeit rather belatedly) ‘The Emmy “smile, love & be kind” team page (https://www.justgiving.com/teams/smileloveandbekind). It is an open group so if anyone wanted to set up an event no matter how big or small - whether that be a cake sale, a show, a marathon, a climb, a festival or fete to fundraise in memory of Emmy - they can set up their own Justgiving page and then link it to our ‘smile, love and be kind’ team. That way you can see your own fundraising climb whilst also seeing the other groups that are also fundraising in Emmy’s memory and it will all link to the overall fund. I did this because there has been loads of you who have been fundraising in memory of Emmy but whose money has been going to the general fund and not to our EJTandemonium total. That is obviously totally fine, but some of you have been asking me how to link it so this should make it much easier for you. Don’t worry if this doesn’t make sense to some of you - I will be adding another fundraising event next month and then it will be easier for you to see what i mean. Just keep clicking on the link above to see what fundraising is going on in Emmy’s memory.

5. I want to say a massive thank you to all of you for all of your ongoing donations! And also to all of you who have made a purchase from www.Mollivers.com this month! I have just donated the percentage of sales to the charity page for November today. Its such a nice feeling to see that total creeping up. On this note, I just want to clear up that at the beginning of November Mollivers increased the amount that it donates from ’10% of profits’ to ’10% of sale price’. This means that more is donated to charity by quite some way. For a bracelet for example valued at £88, £8.80 is donated to charity and Mollivers earns just about the same. So now for some products we are donating up to 50% of our profits!! Which is great for the fundraising and for the charity as a whole!! Aaaaaaand… ALL THE MORE REASON FOR YOU TO BUY MORE CHRISTMAS PRESENTS FROM www.mollivers.com!!! ???? (Also keep an eye out for new products coming to the Molliver’s online store soon too!! ???? …)

6. On a completely separate note, I have been absolutely blown away by the influx of messages to do school visits for art classes and book readings all over the country and even across Europe!!!!! I am so grateful! We have so many already booked in for 2018 and I am so excited that we might be able to inspire so many children in their own classrooms with the legacy that Emmy left. We have also organised a few hospital visits to some of the lovely children’s wards to do some readings and book signings too!! This is possibly the best thing that I have ever been asked to do and i am so excited as i know Emmy would have loved it too!!

7. And finally!!!! … As i mentioned today is National ‘Giving Tuesday’! What a wonderful concept! A day when, in the run up to the bulging festivities of Christmas, we are all encouraged to do something or give something to charity! So what did we do… well today I made the final payment on something I’m super excited about as I know it would have made emmy burst with happiness... A few of you will know that a few weeks ago I attended the lovely ‘Make a Wish Sports Ball’ organised by the wonderful Lexi Hambro. On the night they do their best to raise funds to make the dreams come true for children who are chronically or terminally ill. This can be something small (like a signed football shirt), or something larger (like a trip to disney land). Last year Emmy and I were lucky enough to be invited to attend as well and when we were there Emmy and I were desperate to do something for one of the children but we just couldn’t afford it. I know how much it would have meant to Emmy to help a single child’s wish come true… Particularly a child who may be staring down the barrel of a terminal diagnosis like Emmy herself. She felt so lucky that she was able to achieve so much in her last 18 months (thanks to the generosity of so many of you), ticking off her bucket list at every corner, that i know, being able to help a ‘little pickle’ (as she called them), would mean the absolute world to her…Soooo… this year, in memory of Emmy, we were able to do just that… we are sending one very gorgeous little girl on her dream holiday… I know it is what Emmy would have wanted to have done. And it is an honour and i feel very privileged to be able to help. It doesn’t matter what you give, how much, or to which charity, but you have no idea how much difference the tiniest amount could make!! If you can afford it give generously peeps - there are so many wonderful charities up and down the country that are doing exceptional work day in and day out and rely on help from people like you and me…

And on that note, I will stop rambling!

Happy Giving day everyone!! Hump-day tomorrow!!! - You got this!! ???? xxx

Brighton and Hove Prep school visit

23rd Nov 2017

What a great day!

Had the greatest pleasure of being invited to Brighton and Hove Prep school to do some reading and art classes with the gorgeous Jessica Gwilliam and the wonderful pupils there! Everyone was so welcoming and I can’t wait to get back there for book week next year! If anyone wants to book an art class or book reading at their school please email me at jake@mollivers.com. And check out our new website at www.mollivers.com and order yourselves some Mollivers Christmas gifts!

Big hugs! Xxx

#artteacher #mollivers #smileloveandbekind #ejtandemonium #taraandtyrone

Kitchen Mixer Christmas Fair Fundraiser

21st Nov 2017

On the 29th November the absolutely wonderful Sisson family are having their annual KitchenMixer Christmas Winter Fundraising Fair and are fundraising for the Royal Marsden Hospital Charity with half of the proceeds going to our EJTandemonium fundraising total in loving memory of our beautiful girl Emmy!!

Emmy and I attended last year and I can tell you all that it was an incredible day with gorgeous cakes and treats on sale as well as clothing and jewellery and all sorts of local craft Christmassy gifts!

If you’re nearby please drop in and take a look, eat some cake, give all of the Sisson family a massive hug and support an amazing cause!!

Thank you @thekitchenmixer! You’re amazing! Xx



16th Nov 2017

Next batch ready for the post office!!!

Thank you so so much to everyone who had placed an order at www.mollivers.com! I love you all!!! And I am so so grateful! I’m so sorry it has taken me so long to fulfill some of your orders and even more sorry to those that are still waiting for a dispatch email - I PROMISE TO GET EVERY PARCEL OUT BY NEXT WEEK!!!!

I’m so sorry for the delay!! I’m getting there though! And soon it will be a slick oiled machine! Xxx


Kindness award

14th Nov 2017

Today was another incredibly special day... Our beautiful Emmy loved being a teacher so much and in her last years she worked at the most wonderful primary school.

She was universally loved by everyone she worked with and she adored teaching each and everyone of her pupils.

Today Emmy’s parents and I were invited back to her school to celebrate (albeit belatedly) World Kindness Day and had the great honour of presenting an all new ‘kindness award’ in memory of our gorgeous girl. To be given to any pupil who has demonstrated exceptional kindness. I even had the privilege of designing the certificate for them... I’ve been in front of some rooms of people recently, but standing up and speaking in front of 200 or so children was up there with the most anxiety inducing and emotional! ????????

But everyone welcomed us so warmly (as they always do!) and all the children were so smiley and wonderful. A credit to the school and all the amazing teachers that work there... feeling very humbled and so so very proud of the inspirational and brave @emmycoates_16!

Thank you Malmesbury! Love you guys! Xx

Lest we forget...

11th Nov 2017

Hello all you gorgeous lot! Thank you sooooo so much for all of your lovely emails and for all your orders for products from the new Mollivers online shop! I’m sooooo grateful! The hope is that not only are you going to receive a lovely piece of jewellery, a book or piece of clothing that you love but you will also be donating to charity as well!!! What could be better!!!?? Guilt free shopping!!!!???????? I have also been receiving lots of enquiries about how to buy things! If you’re not sure please go to our new website www.mollivers.com and check out the shop! You can also make a direct donation in memory of Emmy to the justgiving site whilst you’re there if you’re feeling overly generous too! (Just follow the link ‘events and info’!) Also just one last mention that if you can preference buying books from the website or Etsy instead of amazon that would be amazing! Amazon not only take a huge chunk of the money themselves but also don’t charge enough for postage and packing meaning that we again lose money!???? thanks guys! Finally, I hope that today you have all been having a lovely Saturday and that you have all been able to spend a little time with all your beautiful close friends and family on this day The 11th of November, such a special day of remembrance. #lestweforget #smileloveandbekind #beckyrowejewellery #mollivers

A crazy weekend...

8th Nov 2017

Hi guys!!! Wow - what a crazy few days!!

Thank you so much to everyone who has written such loving, kind and thoughtful messages to me over the last 48 hours since the Pride of Britain awards. I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to reply to you all. Reading how Emmy’s story, her bravery and courage, has helped so many of you means the world to me and I can’t tell you how much strength it gives me now.

It really hasn’t kicked in yet that we actually won this award. All of the other fundraisers were so utterly incredible. I feel very undeserving and completely overwhelmed still. And to share the stage with such an incredible bunch of people and real-life heroes was the biggest honour of my life (second only to marrying my beautiful girl that is!!) This award is for Emmy but also for everyone of the gorgeous souls who work at The Royal Marsden Hospitals and for everyone who has helped Emmy and I along the way. You’re all heroes to me. Thank you so much.

Today I made my first visit back to The Royal Marsden Hospital since Emmy passed away. If I’m honest I was dreading it. I couldn’t keep it together in the car on my drive in... THEN, as if it wasn’t emotional enough - the little tike that is Emmy’s specialist nurse and our wonderful friend, the beautiful Mrs Tara Hurley, arranged a welcoming party in the hospital foyer with what seemed like hundreds of staff and patients clapping and cheering my arrival!! This is why Emmy and I fell in love with this place so much. Nowhere and no one else would do that. It is the most incredible hospital and I feel so privileged to be able to fundraise for them. Each and everyone of them are all like extended family. They are the real pride of Britain! And the gorgeous soul that is Tara is the most incredible of them all!!

Then this afternoon I had the distinct honour of visiting two very special little lads! For those of you who don’t know im talking about George and Alex Woodall. This time last year George was diagnosed with a very rare Ewing’s sarcoma next to his spine. Following MAJOR surgery he has had chemo, radio and proton therapy in the UK (at the Marsden) and in the USA respectively. He really has been through the mill the poor little lad. Feeding tubes, Hickmann lines... the works. But meeting him for the first time today you could barely tell! Such energy and such humour in spite of everything. And Alex his big bro is just as much of a hero too. Their incredible parents Vicki and Woody are just phenomenal and together as a family they have set up ‘george and the giant pledge’ and have raised more than half a million pounds for the Royal Marsden! I cannot find the words to tell you how amazing all of their attitudes are to George’s health and their situation. They are true heroes and are rightfully up for a justgiving award next week! Fingers crossed they’ll get it - they certainly deserve it. It was an absolute pleasure to drop them two of the latest book too which has two characters in it named after this daring and dastardly duo - two kite buggies. Alex and George ...Soooo lovely meeting you guys! You well and truly kicked my ass at Hot wheels too!!! I need to get some practice in for next time!!!???? biggest hugs to you both and your amazing parents!

In addition to all of this, our new website www.mollivers.com went live yesterday. A huge thank you to Dean at
Dino Media for all his help in getting it online so fast. Please please bear with me with the shipping fulfilment. I will do everything I can to get your products out to you ASAP! But might be up to 14 days initially as I get the ball rolling! I’m really grateful for your patience!!

And then after 5 days on the road in and out of London I finally arrived back late to the best welcome home licks and cuddles from my beautiful ball of fluff Molly! Time for bed!

Sending you all so much love and hugs going into the weekend! Peace and love from Molly and Me xx


The Victoria Derbyshire show

7th Nov 2017

I had the wonderful honour of being invited on to the Victoria Derbyshire show this morning to talk about Emmy.

Victoria was so so lovely to me as were the whole team at the BBC. Thank you so much to them. I can’t tell you how many times I almost lost it and blubbed like a baby in this interview - I don’t think you can tell though which is good.

If you want to watch - Here is the link (just fastforward to 49:25) https://www.bbc.co.uk/…/b09dlv…/victoria-derbyshire-07112017 xx


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